Dirty Deal Audio is a sonic entity. We work with music production, sound design, voice-over recording and editing for TV, radio and online advertisements; we create concepts and deliver sonic identities for brands; we design spatial sound environments for VR, AR and 360° video experiences; we run 19+1 channel Ambisonics post-production studio and residency in Liepāja and produce multi-purpose spatial sound content for multi-channel setups.

Our love and enthusiasm towards sound and music have materialized in a strong team of collaborators and friends. During the last decade, our name kept popping up in association with countless independent scene events, social activities and record releases. These days we offer high-quality audio solutions for a wide range of projects that are recognized locally and internationally.

For all inquiries:
studija@dda.lv / +371 27188718

Meet the Team

Kristaps Puķītis

Business Development / Partner

Alise Frickausa

Account Manager

Rolands Čivčs

Musician / Sound Designer

Ansis Kolmanis

Musician / Partner

Gustavs Lociks

Sound Designer / Spatial Sound

Mārtiņš Zutis

Visual support

In 2006, Dirty Deal Audio childhood home (along with its adopted twin sister — the independent theatre Dirty Deal Teatro) was located at the Andrejsala creative district in Rīga as a part of the Dirty Deal Cafe's cultural hub.

During the last decade DDA name kept popping up in association with countless independent scene events, social activities and record releases. We've carried out (and still do) a variety of tasks and functions, such as gathering a team of musicians, organising networking and showcasing events Treniņu Trešdienas (Training Wednesdays), Baltic States' producers, instrumentalists and vocalists camp Baltic Trail and many other irregular events and public performances.

As a community of artists we have been releasing music, producing the radio show Netīrais Darījums (Dirty Deal), monitoring the Latvian independent music scene, participating in different social activities, including working with the Latvian Association of Non-Governmental Organizations of Contemporary Culture, hosting Ambisonics spatial audio workshops and lectures, setting up several sound recording and editing studios, producing music and sound design for ads and brands, crafting audio identities for brands, exploring new sonic horizons and creating an Ambisonics spatial sound post production studio — all of this while still being successful at our respective creative careers.