“Ambisonics is a logical next step in the evolution of sound and music.”

Platons Buravickis as interviewed by Erica Synths

Producing for ambisonic environments creates space to not only think about the composition of music, but also the placement of each sound in the space or sound-field. It's a whole new dimension that comes into the process of music production and sound design for many different types of applications. Dirty Deal Audio's spheric Ambisonics studio setup in Liepāja was created to work and experiment specifically with spatial sonic material, such as producing music, audio installations, realistic reproduction of artificial sonic environments and interactive virtual spaces etc.

Dirty Deal Audio spatial sound department offers creative solutions for non-traditional / interactive audio — sonic content and audio design for virtual / augmented reality environments, interactive 360 videos and spatial audio installations and production, recording and editing binaural audio content.

Kristaps Puķītis

Business development / CEO / A&R
kristaps@dda.lv / +371 26831594

Peldu iela 10, Liepāja, Latvia, LV-3401